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Coosa Valley Milling and Hardware supplies provides the highest quality feed,
farming supplies, and old-fashioned, country-mercantile goods in Wilsonville.
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Your Home Town Favorite

Whether you need a light bulb, hay or delicious organic grits and food from our in-house grist mill, the McEwen family will have you in, out, and on your way home at Coosa Valley Milling and Hardware!

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Alan BolesAlan Boles
12:03 11 Jul 22
This is by far the best place that I have ever worked at. The employees are 2nd to none. You will not experience anything better. Corporate places' like you know Tractor Supply sucks. Why would you go to a place that doesn't cater to your needs. The Co-op there employees don't know there butt from a hole in the ground. So if you want to experience something amazing please come by and just have a look and enjoy the comforts of being a small town feed store. Because you will not want to leave.
Amanda KelseyAmanda Kelsey
04:39 22 Nov 21
Everyone is very helpful here. I get my chickens cracked corn here. Other places even though you tell them an show them an have the workers agree that the corn is not cracked enough. Will not do anything about it. Coosa Valley listens to their customers and will fix the problem if there is one.
Nessa LawNessa Law
07:23 04 Oct 21
I have been to this supply store in the past. Recently, I seen an advertisement about a sale on pine straw. I needed some to finish my flower bed! I called to confirm the advertisement and the girl on the phone was very nice. She confirmed and told me the price. I arrived that same day and observed the pine straw outside. I went inside and made my purchase. I went outside and backed my truck up. The other girl loaded it up for me! They told me it was two bundle rolled into one. I got home and cut the plastic off. The pine straw was in great condition, not wet or soggy, and it had some cones or pieces of bark into. It picked out some of them but put some in the flower bed to make it complimentary! I layered it about 2-3inches in my flower bed due to the depth! I had left over and evened it out at the base of my other pine tree! I had some people compliment my yard and asked me where I got it? I advised them were I got. I paid $17. and some change for my bundle! Conveniently I was close to the store and it worked out perfect! I'll go back!
Amelia CreelAmelia Creel
23:34 21 Sep 21
Always pleasant and attentive staff!!Prices are consistent with value, and quality is definitely a priority!The operating system, ie. Looking up an item,seems like it could be slightly difficult for staff....