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30620 Alabama 25
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30620 Alabama 25
Wilsonville, AL 35186

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About Us

When Frank McEwen and his father Ralph McEwen bought their company in 1978, Coosa Valley Milling had been solely a custom feed mill where farmers brought their grain to have it milled into feed for their farm animals.

Under McEwen ownership, the old mill has expanded and evolved into a place where the most discriminating horseman can find the finest equipment for both the professional and novice horseman, or a gentleman farmer can find a pair of the original Muck Boot Company’s 9-inch Scrub Boot for tramping about the muddy barnyard or garden.

Pet owners can shop for food from Koi food to dog and cat food as well as horse, cow and chicken feed, along with toys, crates, leashes, and grooming products. Spring finds the store alive with all varieties of baby chicks, ducks and rabbits along with the occasional laying and grooming products.

All that, plus a selection of Montana Silversmith jewelry, wild game feeders and a cooler housing the milled corn products and farm fresh eggs give the place the feel of a modern-day general store. The store sells organic and non-organic gardening supplies as well as the full Purina line of hows along with Coosa Valley’s own line of custom made feeds. See our services page for an overview of our store products.

The newest part of the of the business is the addition of a stone burr grist in which the McEwen’s mill only the finest organic corn into some of the most delicious cornmeal, grits and polenta products available today. See more at McEwen & Sons.

Coosa Valley Milling Company is a family owned and operated feed and farm supply store and stone burr grist mill located in Wilsonville, Alabama. Under Ralph and Frank McEwen, father and son, this unique feed and supply store has been mixing custom feeds for over 30 years. Coosa Valley serves the Alabama community gardeners, pet lovers, the professional and novice horsemen, hobby farmers, livestock and working farm owners, turf farmers, hunters and land managers, and those who just enjoy the fun and educational atmosphere.

The knowledgeable staff strives to stay current with the latest products and research in today’s marketplace. First-hand knowledge and Purina’s further education workshops enable Coosa Valley Milling to provide not only the best Purina feeds but custom blended feeds of all natural ingredients (antibiotic, hormone, and animal protein free). These include grain feeds for horses, cattle, chickens, hogs and goats. They also carry a wide selection of hay, which includes Alfalfa, Timothy, Alfalfa/Timothy mixes, Coastal, Bermuda, and wheat straw. Coosa Valley Milling carries feeds for pet owners as well, from fish food to dog food and pet supplies for all domestic breeds such as cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. Grooming products are available and an extensive line of horse products fully stock the shelves from saddles, bridles, bits, and halters to supplements, horse care products, and horse-shoeing supplies.

Whether you are a hunter, land owner or part-time handyman, your needs will be met with hunting supplies, food plot planning, feeders, fencing supplies, sprayers, and a full supply of household hardwares. Coosa Valley also caters to the gardener with everything from Muck Boots and gloves to regular and organic fertilizers, seasonal live plants and seeds for planting. To finish off your landscape, Coosa Valley offers pine-bark mulch, pine straw, or wheat straw. And for those just coming for the fun and excitement, don’t forget to check out our educational books and gift items such as candles and horse mugs and a great selection of Montana Silversmith jewelry and cowboy hats by Resitol.

The newest part of the business is the addition of a stone burr grist mill in which the McEwens mill only the finest organic corn into some of the most delicious cornmeal, grits, and polenta products available today. The grist mill turns out yellow, white, and blue cornmeal, grits, and polenta. Healthy and hearty oatmeal and golden flax seed are also bagged, sealed, and sold.