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30620 Alabama 25
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Animal Health

Coosa Valley Milling carries an array of animal health supplies for your veterinary needs, daily requirements, and emergency supplies, including supplements and formula. Call us or pay a visit for a complete selection.

Animal Health for Horses, Cattle, Pigs, Chickens, Dogs, & Cats

We carry a complete line of medicines for pets and commercial animals, including everything for the horse owner, whether you are a recreational rider or a professional equestrian.

Some of our products include Moorman fly spray (we believe it’s the best for your buck), every other popular fly spray available, shampoos and conditioners, supplements, wormers, hoof products, antiseptic and anti-fungal treatments, and an array of other products for horses, cattle, and other animals.

We specialize in everything for the horse owner, either the recreational rider, weekend showing, or the professional equestrian. We have every popular fly spray, supplement, shampoo, and antiseptic treatment available to the horse owner today.

Our suppliers include, but are not limited to: