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30620 Alabama 25
Wilsonville, AL 35186

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McEwen & Sons

GristmillThe primary business of McEwen & Sons is the running of a stone burr grist mill in which the McEwen’s mill only the finest organic corn into some of the most delicious cornmeal, grits and polenta products available today. The grist mill turns out yellow, white and blue cornmeal, grits and polenta. The products are sold in specialty food stores, the Wilsonville store and in some of Birmingham’s finest restaurants. They also ship nationwide to some of the top restaurants across the country. ¬†Products are sealed in a heavy-duty royal blue bag with the attractive McEwen family crest on the label.

The “McEwen & Sons” on the label include Frank, Jr., 20 and Luke, 18. These two partners not only help at the grist mill, they also work in the family business that provides the ideal accompaniment: big, rich, brown and blue eggs. The boys raise their own chickens in an antibiotic and hormone-free environment. The fresh eggs are gathered daily from cage-free pastured hens that are fed only natural feed that contains no antibiotics, hormones, or animal protein and their regular customers swear by the fresh, farm taste.